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Saskatchewan Flavours

Saskatchewan Flavours

What is Saskatchewan Flavours?

Saskatchewan Flavours is not a single thing or a single event. It’s a movement. It’s a fundamental shift in how our organization approaches and delivers culinary experiences to our community.

Saskatchewan Flavours will allow us to connect our guests, communities and businesses to Saskatchewan’s agriculture industry by providing opportunities for people to taste, experience and most importantly, learn about the benefits of using local ingredients and products in our everyday lives.

As an organization, we’re going to celebrate and embrace local food and the people who work tirelessly to put it on our plates – our hardworking farmers and producers.

Why is this important to us?

Our organization has been bringing people together since 1884, when the organization – then known as the Assiniboia Agricultural Society – organized the first-ever agricultural fair for the exchange of goods, information and experiences.

We may have transformed over the years, but our agricultural roots and our purpose of bringing people together to drive benefit for our region remains unchanged.

Evraz Place sees 3.5 million visits each year, and by virtue of the critical audience mass who visit the property each year, we have the ability to celebrate local producers and the food they produce each time we bring people together.

What can you expect moving forward?

We’re proud to strongly support our province’s agriculture industry. Food and beverage services are part of every experience we deliver to our guests at Evraz Place and we are committed to increase the use of local ingredients in our food offerings by 5% each year.

We also want to help showcase everything our province has to offer. We are working with local producers from whom we source ingredients to feature their stories, raise awareness of their products and help them build connections with other Saskatchewan businesses.

Opportunities exist to build the next generation of chefs, offer farm-to-table cooking classes, provide more access to agricultural programming – all with a goal of giving Saskatchewan people a better understanding of and appreciation for where our food comes from.


Together, we will get more Saskatchewan food on more plates.

Meet the Chef

Jaimeet Kathuria

Evraz Place’s award-winning culinary team is led by Executive Chef Jaimeet Kathuria. Chef Jaimeet is a member of the Canadian Culinary Federation of Cooks (CCFCC) and has been very instrumental in the culinary program at Evraz Place. He prides himself on delivering ingredient-focused local cuisine and connecting with farmers and food producers who share the same passion, which gives the opportunity for each ingredient to shine. His tag line of “do it simple, do it well” is truly reflected in all the food and beverage offerings at Evraz Place. 






Saskatchewan Flavours Menu


Meet the Producers


We source food from Frontier Gardens. We’re proud to partner with producers like Lloyd to deliver fresh, local potatoes and vegetables.

"It makes me feel really good that someone is stopping here buying the product that was just picked that morning or day before and sitting on the shelf. I put everything into this, all of the time. I’m down here every day.”

Lloyd Anticknap, Frontier/Pioneer Gardens 




We source several varieties of microgreens as well as heirloom tomatoes and other vegetables from Heliotrope Organic Farm. We’re proud to partner with local producers like Rick to deliver the freshest of ingredients to our guests.

“It’s a return to the old, as much as we evolve and progress forward with technology. Nature has been there all along. It’s really about connecting to what has always been true – food is all about the taste, the experience and feeling.”

Rick Letwinka, Heliotrope Organic Farm





We source a variety of local ingredients from AGT Foods. We’re proud to partner with local producers like Murad to deliver true, Saskatchewan flavours to our guests’ plates

“Any time we can provide direct linkage where people know that their food came from their local area and a farm family benefited is a feel-good thing.”

Murad Al Katib, AGT Foods 





We source Snow Beef from Saskatchewan Snow Beef.  We’re proud to partner with local producers like Ian to deliver the highest quality of beef to our guests. 

“To hear someone say, ‘This is the best steak I’ve ever had’ is so rewarding. Knowing that our farm has raised this animal from conception to harvest, given it a great life and offered it for others to enjoy is such a good feeling.”

Ian Crosbie, Saskatchewan Snow Beef





We source several varieties of microgreens as well as heirloom tomatoes and other vegetables from Acre 10. We’re proud to partner with local producers like Allisha to deliver the freshest of ingredients to our guests.

“It’s always been a calling for me - from my first day on the combine to now, my winter days in our grow facility at Acre 10. I truly love my days in the dirt and feel at home with the plants I grow to feed my family, local chefs and grocery stores.”

 - Allisha Gregg, Acre 10





We work with brewmasters like Amanda to ensure our guests have access to the only the best locally brewed and great tasting Saskatchewan beer!  

We made conscious effort to source locally for the barley. It’s the foundation of a lot we do. We are local from the barley up. We want to support the people who supported us when we started.”

- Amanda Butt, Brewmaster, Great Western Breweries