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Queen City Ex Food & Beverage

Queen City Ex provides all the classic fair food and drinks like corndogs, mini donuts, funnel cakes, cotton candy, popcorn, pizza and more deep-fried goodness, but we always have fun, new items to try!


The Tavern

  • Location: AffinityPlex
  • Hours of operation: 1 - 8:30 p.m.
  • drink menu coming soon!

NEW foods on the Midway

Butterbeer Soft Serve

Eat what wizards do!  Creamy Shortbread-Butterscotch flavour. Have it in a Black Charcoal cone or “FUMO” in a cup - complete with a wafer wand.

Cotton Candy Taco

A fresh, crisp waffle taco and organic maple cotton candy, topped with a marshmallow drizzle, Oreo chocolate crumble and two pokey sticks!!!

White Chocolate Cheese Cake Mini Donut

OMG.. Stop the press and shut the front door..Cheese Cake / Mini Donut / White Chocolate. Now that is the best Trio of any dessert .. PERIOD. We take a Cheese cake bite and drip it in Mini Donuts and deep fry it to a fluffy golden brown and add the white chocolate on the top BAM.

Chicky’s - Flamin’ Cheetos Corndog

 A corndog with a spicy twist! We’ve taken a classic favourite and rolled it in jalapeño cheese sauce and topped it with crushed FLAMIN’ CHEETOS. Enough said…

Big Coco’s - The Snickle Dog 

Do you love hot dogs and pickles? How about with an added Snickers bar, wrapped in a tortilla and deep-fried to golden brown? It’s hot, it’s crispy, and it’s oozing with chocolatey goodness.

Crab Stuffed Burger

Yummy Crab... Yummy Juicy burger...Wow  Crab stuffed burger. That’s right, first time ever, Crab Stuffed Burger.
We have taken our handmade juicy burger patty and stuffed it with Crab.  QCX version of Surf and Turf, totally unique and full flavor that you cant deny, come get it now.

The Mediterranean Poutine

Crispy taters topped with beef shawarma and sautéed onions, garnished with pickled beets, diced tomatoes, green onions, and sweet sauce.

Tokyo Street Dog

The best in fusion. A crispy tempura battered dog topped with Japanese mayo, sweet teriyaki sauce and crispy nori strips. This is a big deal.

King Spammy

King of the big island, our footlong hotdog is topped with cilantro, pineapples and crispy seared spam. Come check out the king.

 The Potato-Less Cheese Curd Poutine

The Potato-Less Poutine takes the best parts of the classic poutine, and makes it it’s own Cheezy superstar. Jumbo Canadian cheese curds form the base of this beer battered, and fried fair favourite.

Beer Battered Buffalo Style Cheese Curds 

We've upped the ante on this one, keeping it simple while keeping it real. Our classic Canadian cheese curds are beer battered and fried to crispy perfection, and then tossed in our spicy buffalo sauce. 

KFC: Korean Fried Cauliflower     

Meatless, boneless, wings! Internationally inspired, locally sourced. Freshly battered & fried cauliflower, tossed in our house made spicy Korean style sauce. Served with a side of celery and carrot sticks, paired with a dip of your choice. 

Lemon & Lime Fried Artichoke Hearts 

New to the Queen City Ex for 2019! Mr Vegetable's artichoke hearts are marinated & seasoned to perfection. Lightly battered and fried, drizzled with hot melted butter and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Paired with your choice of dip. These bad boys are served in bite sized pieces perfect for sharing... Not that you will...

Veggie Corn Dog 

Mr. Vegetable is here to bring the Queen City Ex its first true veggie corndog! Our meatless dogs are dipped in classic corn dog batter and cooked to golden deliciousness. Perfect for everyone! 


Soft Serve Ice Cream with your choice of Slush - the best of both worlds!

Nashville Style Hot Chicken

Bacon Wrapped Drumsick

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If you are interested in working at Queen City Ex, apply online through North American Midway Entertainment.

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Concession Inquiries

Degan Middleton-Machdanz, Manager Food & Beverage Operations or 306-781-9298