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Iceville presented by SaskTel

December 31, 2020 - February 28, 2021 12:00pm - 8:00pm
Evraz Place, Mosaic Stadium

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Welcome to Iceville presented by SaskTel!

Private bookings are available (at a charge). To book for a private event, click here

Operating Hours:

January 4th - February 28th:

Monday to Friday: 2 p.m. - 9 p.m. (Last skate begins at 8 p.m.)

Saturday to Sunday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Last skate begins at 7 p.m.)

Food & Beverage services at The Chalet presented by SGI: 

Monday to Friday: 1:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday: 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.





- Registration is free with a limit of 6 people per group; You can register for a date and time up to two weeks in advance. Each person must be registered by name, 1 registration = 1 person. If you are not prompted to select the number of registrants you need, it means that time slot is sold out.

- Non-perishable food donations for the Regina Food Bank will also be accepted on site

-Upon arrival, please enter the stadium at Harvard Lounge (doors are located directly east of Confederation Park on the west side of Mosaic Stadium)

-You must check in for your designated time with our Guest Relations staff inside Harvard Lounge

-Do not arrive for your skate time until a maximum of 10 minutes before your registered time

-Food and Beverage will be available, it can only be consumed in Harvard Lounge and will not be permitted within the stadium or on the field surface. Guests are encouraged to use this service following their designated skate time. DEBIT/CREDIT ONLY.

-If you are unable to make your designated skate time, please cancel your registration

-Regardless of age, any participant entering Mosaic Stadium (including parents who choose not to skate) must be pre-registered

-Washrooms are available in Harvard Lounge

General Rules:

-Skating Aids are allowed

-Sports like figure skating, hockey and ringette are not allowed

-Shoes are restricted to centre ice for guardians of inexperienced skaters

-Skaters cannot loiter next to or sit on the boards blocking the skater traffic flow

-The wearing of personal listening devices are not allowed as skaters cannot hear others skating near them and cannot respond to an emergency

-Carrying an infant on the ice is not allowed due to the risk of injury to both the child and guardian

-Those displaying unacceptable behaviour may be asked to leave the skate and rink

-Sticks & Pucks are not permitted

-Helmets are recommended for public skating

-If the temperature reaches -20 or colder (NOT including Windchill), public skating will be closed. Your registration will be cancelled, you must register again if you would like to attend on another date and time. REAL cannot guarantee that another time slot will be available should your time be cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances

-Water Bottles are permitted on the field surface, no other outside food and beverage will be permitted

-This is an outdoor activity, please dress appropriately, there is not an indoor change area, ice skates are only permitted to be worn once on field level

-Skate times are 45 minutes in duration, you must exit the ice surface at :45 minutes on the hour.

COVID 19 Rules:

-Hand Sanitizer for guests will be located throughout the venue

-You must maintain at least 2 metres from other groups at all times

-Guests must stay home if they are feeling unwell

-Health Officials strongly recommend wearing a non-medical mask anywhere outside of the home. Masks outdoors are not required, but are strongly recommended, masks must be worn while inside Harvard Lounge and when distance of 6' can not be maintained between guests

-A maximum of 30 guests will be permitted during each registered time

-Dressing rooms are closed, chairs will be available at field level socially distanced, all personal items are left at your own risk


1. How much is this costing?  

a. The budget for this was $200K, this allowed us to have 24 of our staff remain employed. Of that $200K, $170K of it has been covered through partnership/sponsorship, thanks to our friends at SaskTel, SGI, EDR, the City of Regina, Harvard Broadcasting and the Province.

b. We still have some grant applications out there and we expect to break even when all is said and done.

2. The rink is big enough to allow for more than 30 people safely, why not make adjustments to accomodate more?

a. As we are all well aware, the pandemic has caused many things to be a fluid situation, Iceville is no different. We have worlkd closely with Saskatchewan Health Authority to ensure we are within and following all proper Public Health measures that are currently in place. SHA has given us approval to have a max of 30 guests on the ice at one time. This is also why we are releasing registration dates week by week, in case number change or public health measures change, we are able to adapt quickly.

3. How much water was used for this?

a. Approximately 400,000 US gallons or 1.5M liters of water were used.

4. How long did this project take to complete?

a. This project took weeks to come together, which is not including all of the orinigal planning and development of Iceville.

5. Why do something like this when there are perfectly find outdoor rinks available elsewhere and save the money and any risk of losing more money than REAL has already lost in 2020?

a. We recognize there will be other options available to the public. But we are in the business of doing events and we identified we had facilities that could be in use and open to the public, so we got to work at the Stadium, Recognizing it's not in use for anyting else right now, we wanted to be able to open the space up to the public in a safe way. 

6. Is there a waitlist or cancellation policy?

a. Yes there is a waitlist for each time slot available through our registration site. The bulk of these waitlists are already full. 

7. Why wouldn't you charge a small fee to make some money?

a. We wanted to be able to open this up to the entire public, recognizing that the pandemic has affected many people in many different ways.

8. How big is the rink?

a. The dimensions of the ice spare are approximately 150 yards by 65 yards (450 ft by 195 ft). It's the size of a CFL regulation football field. This is almost 88,000 square feet.

9. Do you need to have all the lights at the stadium on all the time, isn't this a waste?

a. Normally, the lights you see on at the stadium are security lights as we still have staff that are maintaining the facility even though it's not in use. Yes, the lights were in use while we were flooding the field and we will continue to have them on while the facility is in use. We can't have the stadium completely dark for safety reasons.

10. Do you really think NOW is the appropriate time to have people gather together?

a. We worked directly with Saskatchewan Health Authority for approval and to ensure we would be within proper guidelines laid out by them when it comes to Public Health measures. COVID guidelines will be enforced throughout the venue including mandatory masks indoors, recommending masks on the ice, hand sanitizer and physical distancing. For contact tracing purposes we will also be collecting every visitors contact information. 

11. Are you allowing out of town guests to visit the facility?

a. If visitors plan to travel from within the province for non-essential or recreational purposes, they should be aware of guidelines and potential restrictions that could affect their trip. While interprovincial travel is permitted, it is Public Health's recommendations to limit this type of travel. REAL has contact tracing in place for all guests as we follow the province's recommendations. Iceville's guidelines can all be found on our website.

12. It's been difficult to secure a time. How are you ensuring people aren't booking more than one spot?

a. Registration has been set up as a first come first serve basis. We do encourage people to only register for one skate in the first few weeks the ice is open to ensure as many people in our community who want to skate get the chance to experience it. 

13. How does food and beverage work at this event?

a. The Chalet presented by SGI located in Harvard Lounge will be open for skaters to purchase a beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) before or after their skate time. A few snacks will also be available for purchase. It's important to note food and beverage can only be consumed in Harvard Lounge and guests must be seated at tables. 

b. DEBIT and CREDIT are the only forms of payment accepted.

14. What if I don't want to skate but want to come watch my family/child skate?

a. Yes, this is allowed. You would be counted as one of the 30 people, meaning you will still have to register yourself. If you are just wanting to watch, you must be seated in section 114 or 115 (physically distanced from other specators) or remain in Harvard Lounge.