The Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL) is governed by a Board of Directors (BOD). REAL is a not-for-profit corporation that operates the REAL District. The City of Regina (COR) is the owner and sole-shareholder of the REAL. REAL operates separately and independently from the COR and does not have authority to act as an agent for the COR unless expressly provided. The COR owns the land and assets of the REAL District which REAL operates on behalf of City Council in accordance with the Unanimous Members Agreement (UMA).

The mandate of REAL as per the UMA is as follows:

(a) to operate in the best interest of the community, and to enrich the quality of life for people in the community through the hosting and delivery of local, regional, national, and international events;
(b) to develop, operate and maintain facilities to provide world-class hospitality for trade, agri-business, sporting, entertainment and cultural events that bring innovation, enrichment and prosperity to the community; and
(c) to operate with an entrepreneurial spirit and to pursue expanded business venture that could generate additional revenue.

The BOD is made up of no more than 15 members and no fewer than seven (7). There are currently eleven (11) voting appointed directors and two (2) ex-officio (non-voting) directors – one appointed by the City of Regina and the other by the Ministry of Agriculture, Province of Saskatchewan.

The BOD is responsible for;

  • Governance: Structures and processes to fulfil responsibilities, such as board skills matrix and recruitment, committee appointments and governance policies to name a few.
  • Talent: select, evaluate, and compensate the CEO, and oversee their performance targets and evaluation in alignment with strategy.
  • Integrity: ethical tenor of the company. Standards of honesty, integrity, and ethics. Complies with regulatory compliance.
  • Risk: Monitoring the company’s strategic, operational, financial and compliance risk exposure. Collaborates with management to set risk-tolerance levels and alignment with strategic priorities.
  • Performance: reviews and approves company strategy, annual operating plans, and financial plans. Monitors the execution against established budgets and alignment with strategic objectives of the organization.
  • Strategy: Develops strategic priorities and plans that align with the mission of the organization and in the best interest of the shareholder. Monitors the ability to execute strategy.

The BOD is assisted in performing its work by four committees:

  • Audit and Finance Committee
  • Governance and Nominating Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Strategic Initiatives Committee

Current REAL Board of Directors

1. Wayne Morsky – Chair

2. Tiffany Stephenson - Vice-Chair

3. Ken Budzak

4. Kenric Exner

5. Rosanne Hill Blaisdell

6. Jim Hopson

7. Collin Pullar

8. Ahmed Malik

9. Edmund Bellegarde

10. David Sinclair

11. Cathy Warner

12. Colina Paul

13. Angela Hall (Ex-Officio, Government of Saskatchewan)

14. Niki Anderson (Ex-Officio, City of Regina)

15. Councillor Bob Hawkins (Ex-Officio, City of Regina)

Executive Team

Tim Reid, President and CEO

Gerry Fischer, Vice President, Commercial and Campus Development 

Roberta Engel, Vice President, Corporate Services

Will Lofdahl, Vice President, Corporate Operations

Sandra Jackle, Vice President, Corporate Development

Sinead Tierney, Governance Officer and Executive Assistant to the President and CEO

Kirk Westgard, Vice President, Agriculture