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Executive Leadership Team

Executive Leadership Team

Executive Members

Mark Allan, President and CEO

Nolton Knippel, Vice President & CFO

Graham Edge, Vice President Food & Beverage

Lisa Mitchell, Vice President Marketing & Sales

Dawna Nielson, Vice President Sport, Entertainment & Events

Elma Shoulak, Vice President Human Resources

Bill Stoner, Vice President Facilities/Events Delivery

Denise Wanner, Director Corporate Governance & Corporate Office

Board of Directors


Chair of the Board – Jeff MacPherson

President and CEO – Mark Allan

VP and CFO – Nolton Knippel

Governance Officer – Denise Wanner

Board of Directors (alphabetical order)

  • Ken Budzak

  • Tony Coppola

  • Michael Fix

  • Karen Gibbons

  • Chris Holden

  • Patrick Kelly

  • Jeff MacPherson

  • Sandra Masters

  • Marty Meloche

  • Rob Nisbett

  • Gordon Selinger

  • Mark Stefan

  • Tiffany Stephenson

  • Glenys Sylvestre

  • Grant Wasnik


The Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL) is governed by a volunteer board of directors. REAL is a non-profit corporation that operates Evraz Place. The City of Regina, City Council, is the only member of the Association. City Council has authorized by resolution the City’s Chief Financial Officer to act as its Proxy Holder.

The Board of Directors is made up of no more than 15 members and no fewer than seven. There are currently 13 voting appointed Directors and two ex-officio Directors – one appointed by the City of Regina and the other by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Board is responsible for overseeing the affairs of the association, establishing the governance policies to protect the organization’s assets and to provide strategic direction. The Board has written charters and has adopted terms of reference for the Board chair and various committee chairs.

The Board practices good governance by adopting the Governance Officer Mandate and by having established written policies covering fundamental areas of the business. The Board is assisted in performing its work by three standing Board committees: the Audit and Finance Committee, the Governance/Nominating Committee and the Human Resources Committee.